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The beautiful valley of Kashmir has always been famed for its Kashmir craftsmanship. The weaving of tapestry shawls was first introduced into the valley from Turkistan by Zain - ul-Abdin, the ruler of Kashmir, in the 15th century. Production benefited from the patronage of the Mughal rulers like Akbar and his successors, who wore these shawls, and also because of patronage of local government.


The collapse of the Mughal Empire left many weavers unemployed. The situation however, was saved by the enormous increase in demand from Europe, where the shawls became popular in the latter part of the 18th century.

At the beginning of the 19th century, foreign entrepreneurs started to commission shawls especially for the French market, adapting the designs to suit European taste. Indeed Pashmina became the rage in France after Napoleon presented a rare shawl to Empress Josephine. With the progress of the century, the adaptation in designs became increasingly complex. The European market for shawls collapsed in 1870 due to a combination of factors such as changing tastes and competition from Paisley shawls. The economic prostration of France when she was defeated by Prussia added to the declining European market. The Kashmiri weavers either left the valley for Punjab or started producing embroidered shawls for tourists, mainly British officers on furlough in colonized India.

Today Kashmiri shawls later called cashmere shawl are embroidered by professional men. Lately, the American market has opened to Pashmina as Americans discovered its plush, soft texture. Fashion gurus now pronounce it as essential to the wardrobe as the ubiquitous little black dress. Due to commercialization of cashmere products we can find abundance of cashmere items made of cashmere products.

We have got huge collection of cashmere shawls, cashmere mufflers, cashmere scarves and cashmere stoles which are made some from pure cashmere wool and some from mixture of Silk-pashmina in all possible colors, in plain, with embroidery work, bead work and in printed. Here is the brief introduction of each pashmina item like; cashmere shawl, cashmere stole, cashmere muffler, cashmere scarf. etc.

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